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Almost three years ago (April 2010) I have made a real lengthy dream of mine to come thru – to write a book. But not any book. A book about my two passions: Leadership and Martial arts. It was the time of my visiting exchange to the Xi’an Technological University as a professor.  Both professors at the Economic & Management College of Xi’an: Chunqing and Gang during my teaching and researching at first did not understood but later on grasped my thoughts and research intentions. The aim was to use Martial Arts doctrines based on two fundamental Chinese philosophies Daoism and Confucianism for Leadership. They helped me in grasping through long talks the ideas behind those two philosophies. At that time I didn’t know yet what would follow … Ok, I’ll tell this in ensuing blogs.

It took me three years to make this dream real. Two years of writing, lecturing and changing because of comments that I’ve received from two great friends of mine: Sam and Željko.  Almost one year to find a publisher and then to struggle with choosing correct package and payment, following needed procedures and avoiding text and other errors, considering the time difference between USA and Europe,  and that is just the top of an iceberg. I shall definitively describe this in one of my next blogs.

Today, after few days of struggle how to set-up a private blog with book background, all gadgets that I think are important, links to my book page, company page, my personal page and a myriad different complications, I finally finished the impossible – I have my blog. The blog to help me share my thoughts, ideas, knowledge and experiences with you and yours’ with me.

So here it is: my first post on my first blog, on this last day of Chinese Dragon Year, about some background information that should open a new paradigm of meeting West and East through my proposed internal approach to a new way of Leadership …

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  1. BTW: links to my "book page" & "order my book" will start to work at the lunch of the book.


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