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Modern corporate culture

Although companies today dispose of all kinds of employee assessment systems, the employees are still managed by managers rather than lead by leaders. Being treated as a cost, even expendable or hopeless, the staff, normally, acts in the same way.

bank-financeBanks or financial service companies analyze the companies’ performance. For the writing of “the analyst reports” normally young people, freshly out of the school, are used. The report which mostly does not make any significant sense is then solely used by management as a base to steer the staff and processes the way they always wished but were ‘afraid’ to do. So we begin to work to live rather than live to work.

I might also say that in companies “a terrible job” is done when screening and matching people to tasks. Thousands of low level employees are hired but not empowered to actually change anything even in their own field of expertise for which they were hired. Their work is just to do the job (execute higher level decisions). Companies do not dispose of a long term plan to keep best people engaged; they don’t reward them for exceptional actions. No incentive is provided to those that are willing to be innovative. The incentive, if at all, is meant for those that do fewer errors and are willing to compel to the system. The employees are not empowered to solve problems. They are required to rather avoid them (by punished errors). Thusly, companies create a symptom of “someone else's problem”, certainly not my problem, not my responsibility.

In the companies that are not just managed but being lead by true leaders the employees come first and are encouraged to stand up and do it differently.

Different corporate culture

Understanding how the employees actually interact with the company system and the process of the product/service generation in the full life cycle (“raison d’etre” of the company) is called a WORKFLOW. Most likely it is a series of tasks or stuff the employees deal with on a daily basis. To perform accordingly, a company has to make a policy of leading and managing by example, of training, of flowing of information and of being aware of this workflow.

corporate-cultureCORPORATE CULTURE is the next important issue – to change the attitude of the company as it is. Engage the employees and view every communication as an opportunity to better lead or manage. Sow the seeds of trust, empowerment, responsibility and attachment as virtuous corporate culture can make all of these things happen in one fell swoop.

hand-washingLeadership by virtue means doing what you have promised, and letting people know what goes on. It is a BRAND of a company culture and a behavior supported by owners. The BRAND that is simply not represented in a way as a credit card donation to a charity causes in order to wash off for wrong doing, but rather by an explicit need to give willingly to others what they deserve.

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