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I've learned that the verb “to manage” comes from the Italian maneggiare (to handle, especially tools), which derives from the Latin word manus (hand). So I've searched dictionaries and Internet and come with broader definitions of the meaning of the word:

The Free dictionary:
  • To direct or control the use of; handle: manage a complex machine tool 
  • To direct the affairs or interests of: manage a company; an agency that manages performers

The Merriam Webster:
  • To have control of (something, such as a business, department, sports team, etc.)

The :
  • To dominate or influence (a person) by tact, flattery, or artifice: He manages the child with exemplary skill.
  • To handle, direct, govern, or control in action or use: She managed the boat efficiently.

“C” levelWe all know that in each company we have “C” level that mostly represents management. Management is defined as the organization and coordination of the activities of an enterprise in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of clearly defined objectives.

Management in an organization takes care about doing right and following the established organizational procedures. Its duties lie in operational issues and deals with today’s goals. Management controls input(s), process and output(s) built in an organizational structure. Management is professionally oriented and understands the “technology” behind the organization. From time to time a management plays a broaden role with accepting tasks such as long term vision or challenging changes that were asked by owners . For the management employees are just one of organizational resources that are to be managed properly to fine tune organizational efficiency and effectiveness. This can be done on different levels and with different approaches. They vary from dictatorship ways up to using emotional intelligence. From management practices that understand employees needs to practice where employee are just a costs. Management understands its role as in a company structure they are those that impose rules, approved by owners, supervisory board or other stakeholders, to frame work tasks to fit the best performances that can be squeezed out from an organization.
Control business
Due to the inner personality of a manager, his subordinates or owners, the culture of a company and the environment all management practices cannot be put in only one basket. Not lastly, the type of organization a manager manages plays an important factor in a way management behaves.

Would you agree that “management" is just one of the roles that organization needs to execute day to day tasks according to market needs and toward a predefined goal?”

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