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I have read that there are many people who think and plan in organizations, but very few who have the ability to move cognitive processes into executable phases (Marino).

We all have experience in making some thoughtful decisions. Making a good (right?) decision in different, sometimes difficult, situations is no small coup.

But why is it still in a lot of normal situations so difficult to make the right and good decision?

Probably the main problem lays in variables and outcomes that are often so uncertain and we are discomforted and paralyzed by analysis. I’ve read that all our decisions are made with a help of our emotions. And when we get into the emotional part of our brain, our inborn reaction is to protect ourselves. More hard it is to decide more adrenaline rushes in and we get flight-or-fight response. Our short-term survival is the (only) immediate goal.

Therefore, in such circumstances it is important to figure out when what you don’t know is actually important to know. So the first and most important component of decision-making is self- confidence. It helps us to go about gathering the necessary information to resolve the uncertainty and seize a decision.

It is often true that in decision-making process we commonly make mistakes mostly due to our selection of too many options. We are overwhelmed and therefore make no decision. Decision making process requires a certain level of comfort with discomfort and it all takes practice.

too many optionsFor a correct (right) decision one needs at least three (cap)abilities: mental capabilities and how one envisions the world around; the ability to be analytical and the ability to think critically. I have to say that analysis cannot be overstated as it allows a person to systematically break down a situation and see individual parts of it. Only in such a case there will be no problem in analyzing a situation and making a decision by which a person stands by for better or worse.

When thinking of what makes someone a remarkable leader one characteristic immediately pops up is decisiveness.

So, how does a good leader deal with challenging decision?

DicesExcellent leaders often say that they rely on their guts to make the right decision. They do have a vision that helps them decide, they are taking decisions so their vision one day becomes a reality. They are aware of their emotional state, able to manage intense emotions so they eventually make canny decisions.

The most successful leaders in the world will tell that throughout the lifetime of their careers they have made many wrong decisions, but they understand the valuable learning experience from those mistakes and failures. And they’ll tell you that they never thought to quite.

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