Steps to: People are energetic when …

… interested and motivated - a well-known approach!

In the posts Can Obedience nurture Trust? and Disciplines of execution the question was whether command/control could bring results and if obedience could bring the trust. My opinion remains the same as explained in How to (not) energize the team: a positive energy energizes a person or a team.

So that’s it! Well, not exactly. My life lessons from bringing up my sons teach me that I have to use different approach to energize one or another.

Energy drainEnergyTo further it, I believe we mostly come across two types of personality: one gives us strength and energy while the other drains it. Within the first group are people (or even places and things) that make us feel like we are building up our own energy stores, rejuvenate us and help to do our best. The latter group leaves us exhausted, makes us feel as though we have wasted our time and energy without getting anything useful done. They do this to fuel their relentless hunger for negativity, leaving us drained and unhappy.

So how should we help people to function in their zone?

Much easier is the approach for the first type of personality as they connect with any part of their purpose no matter how small. They are passionate about what they do because it fits their values. They are engaged and enjoy their work. They mostly need only the confirmation that they are on right track.

BridgeThe other personality type needs 'a bridge' so that they could connect their work with their purpose. For them, the energy from others comes first but, without their engagement, quickly fades. Unfortunately, the energy comes in limited quantities. So, whoever gives it should never allow their problems to become his/hers. Nowadays, positive energy is a precious commodity. It should be wisely given to the people with a negative power as that may only result in stolen energy or drained energy source. When giving the energy to this type of personality you have to ask for what you expect. Anyhow, be scarce when sharing your energy and learn to say ‘no’.

Understanding how energy works and flows helps also to recognize people who take or use other people's energy and are not even aware they are doing it. So, doing the ‘right’ thing with enthusiasm increases enthusiasm in others, too. Try to pull them in the same circle and remember that enthusiasm is the power of great leaders. They have staggering capability to share energy. They feed people with energy by letting them have as much control as possible and thus giving them what they want.

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